Dequadin® is your effective solution to

  • Sore throat relief.
  • Minor mouth infections.
  • Suitable for adults and children aged 6 years old and above.

Dequadin® offers an accessible over-the-counter solution for addressing sore throats and minor mouth infections.

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For Sore Throats

Dequadin® Medicated Throat Lozenges

  • Clinically proven
  • Reliable relief

Unique Dual power action with antibacterial and antifungal relief for sore throats and minor mouth infections.

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For Minor Mouth Infections

Dequadin® Oral Spray

  • Effective
  • Convenient Solution

A spray and oral mucosal solution for topical treatment of mouth and Infections.

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What Our Customers are saying on Amazon

February 02, 2021

“This soothes sore throats and is good value for money.”

- Patti Mills

May 20, 2015

“I've used this product for 30 years and it always works!”

- G G

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