Why Dequadin® for you?

Proudly Canadian Brand

Canadian Brand

Clinically Proven


Effective Against Various Infections

Effective Against
Various Infections

Different Formats of Your Choice

Different Formats
of Your Choice

Features a medicinal ingredient with Unique dual action antibacterial and antifungal properties for sore throats and minor mouth infections.

  • Dequadin
    Contains dequalinium chloride

    Dequadin® products contain dequalinium chloride, an anti-infective and antiseptic ingredient. It kills a wide range of bacteria, yeasts and fungi that are associated with various mild infections of the mouth and throat.

  • Dequadin
    Antibacterial action

    Dequadin® products help to eliminate sources of infection.

  • Dequadin
    Antifungal action

    Dequadin® products are effective against fungal infection causing sore throat and other minor mouth infections.


Our Product Range

Explore our diverse product range to discover the ideal solution for your needs and experience the soothing relief it brings to your oral health concerns.

Dequadin Dequadin

For sore throats

Medicated Throat Lozenges

Unique Dual power action with antibacterial and antifungal temporary relief from sore throat.

  • Clinically ProvenClinically Proven
  • Reliable reliefReliable relief

For minor mouth infections

Oral Spray

A spray and oral mucosal solution for topical treatment of mouth ailments.

  • EffectiveEffective
  • Convenient SolutionConvenient Solution